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    Threshing Barn

    Shown on Channel 4 - Grand Design

    Welcome to our 'Grand Design', a mix of innovation and contemparory design in a historic limited home.

    From the original idea to completion our dream home took only two years to realise. Building work began in May 2002 and only seven months later we were celebrating a family Christmas in our circa. 1840's converted threshing barn. The aim was to live in a home whose historic roots were not disguised but complemented by the sculpted forms and living spaces placed within it.   


    The barn now has all the futuristic capabilities of the most modern home. It is 'future proofed' with lighting, computers, TV, sound, heating and air quality all networked. We even have our own intranet!   From the onset we realised it had the potential to be a complicated build; the barn is a listed building on green belt land and in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Planning consent carried with it a strict requirement for an archeological watching brief (and to keep a look out for Saxon remains we think!) We even had to submit detailed plans of the future garden landscaping prior to actually gaining planning approval.   


    Despite our passion for technology we are committed to an organic and chemical-free lifestyle, which proved testing when sourcing appropriate materials such as paints, wood treatments and carpets. Many products still only come via UK distributors from other European countries - why are we not investing in this area we kept asking? We also decided to limit our use of processed water and installed a rainwater harvesting system; renamed The Yellow Submarine!   


    The aim of this website is to try and help others who might be treading a similar path; converting a barn/listed building. Told mainly in pictures you will see the complete life of the project and the many people, whose teamwork and determination to succeed produced this wonderful building.   You will find details of all our suppliers indicating where we went for those all-important materials, technology and professional advice and skills. We would like to thank all those involved.

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  • Grand Designs Program - Kevin McCloud
    Threshing Barn - House made in Grand Degnise
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